Naif Alsaeidan

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer, UI/UX Designer, Professional Photographer, Cloud Servers Operation Manager

نبذة عني

نبذة عني
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No one can praise oneself but exaggerate by praising oneself, "He loves only himself but himself ..."
But I am interested in technology in general, network systems and their operation such as operating systems and network systems and their protection, and I like what is in my heart cloud technology.

  • Age : 46
  • Residence : KSA
  • Freelance :Unavailable
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Al-Jouf Technical College

Intermediate university degree2002 - 2005

Diploma in Computer - Technical Support

Al-Jouf Technical College

Bachelor's degree Network Systems Support Engineering2016 - 2018

Bachelor of Technical Engineering Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology Computer network systems support engineering


IT Department - Aljouf University

Head of the Teaching Aids and Laboratories Department 2018 - Present

The name of the Visual Communication Department has been changed to the Teaching Aids and Laboratories Department, in addition to my work for the Visual Communication Department

Al-Jawf Emira

E-Services Manager 2018 - 2018

I was assigned for a period of six months by His Highness the Governor of the region, His Royal Highness Prince Badr bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, to work in the Information Technology Department in the Emirate, which is a great honor and a medal that I cherish.

Aljouf University

Head of video conferencing department 2011 - 2018

I worked on linking the meetings of His Excellency the University President’s Hall to the Ministry of Higher Education directly via video communication technology Training faculty and faculty members on the use of video communication systems within the university

Aljouf Airport

Technical Secretary 2000 - 2002

I worked at Al-Jawf Airport in the office of the private airport manager as a technical secretary and assistant to the HR Department

King Saud University / College of Science in Al-Jouf

Admission and Registration Coordinator 2005 - 2009

I worked at King Saud University after graduating from the Technical College directly in the Department of Admission and Registration at the College of Science in Al-Jawf and responsible for admission, registration and student affairs at the university.

Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education

Senior Ui/Ux Designer 2009 - 2011

The decision of His Excellency the Rector of the University was issued to establish the Deanship of E-Learning and operate it by us.

Technical skills

video editing 80%
HTML 95%
Work on different cloud systems 95%
Unix server management 90%
Live broadcast and remote meeting systems 100%
Web and Social Skills 90%
infographic design 85%

Language Skills

Arabic 100%
English 60%

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اتصل بي
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Aljouf University - IT Department

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[email protected]